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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Updates

Been months that I have not update my blog, been busy with new work and Joshua and moving to our home sweet home.

We have moved to our home sweet home, though it is small but cozy, sweet for three of us.  Joshua has a room on his own and mommy has a kitchen to work out :) my dream white kitchen.  And a big burnt in daddy's pocket :) but all worth it says daddy to see mommy and Joshua happy with our new home.

It has been a month since we moved in and most of the things has been packed except a last container full of mommy's books :) when am I going to settle that box?

Joshua has improved on his vocabulary and showed vast improvement in his lessons at school, he will be moving into his 3rd term with Tweedle Wink.  He enjoyed schooling and he never fails to attend classes.  Mommy will be enrolling him with Yamaha Music school when he turns 3.  He is gifted with music talents and he loves to play with instruments especially guitar and drum.  Imaginative enough; acting playing a piano on mommy's pillow so sweet of him :)

Daddy is away in SG during weekday and be back every weekend, left mommy and Joshua at home.  Mommy will be venturing something new, stay tune :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Joshua New School

1st day of school at Tweedlewink Right Brain Kids.

Joshua was so excited to attend to his new school and quickly put on to his new uniform and to carry his school bag along with him (teddy bear, handkerchief and water tumbler).  He looked so smart and grown up boy :) Time really flies and my boy has grown up so much but yet he will always be Mommy Boy.

There were only 3 of them (Joshua, Chloe and Jerry) in a class with Ms. Ee Ling (class teacher).  Started with Hello Song and Mr. Froggie play (to test on child eyes coordination).  Subjects taught in the class; Maths, Science, Phonic, Perfect Pitch etc.  Joshua does enjoyed himself though cannot sit still in the class and he was able to participate in the class activities and enjoy playing with the gym ball bouncing around, Froggie time - hooping in learning maths.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers' Day Celebration

Family dinner with my family and my parents in law at the Cubes Jaya One. Disappointed with this restaurant in terms of foods and services and the bill was unbelievable. Ordered for fish, chicken, duck meat, vege and cost us RM600++ for 10 pax. Was charged extra RM138 in the bill and luckily I checked thru the bill.

Though the restaurant was cozy but the pricing is so unreasonable and there are limited dishes to choose, this and that out of order or not available when we wanna to try it out :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joshua turns 2 years old

Had a small Birthday celebration for Joshua with family and close relatives. Steamboat with fried longevity noodles, chicken wings, fried rice, jelly and many more. Dressed Joshua with Thomas and friends t-shirt, jeans and sandal; his favorite cartoon. Even his birthday cake is Thomas :)

Mommy make 2 red eggs and a drumstick for Joshua on his actual birthday. After breakfast we headed to BTS Cosmos World Theme Park, he enjoyed himself so much and fell asleep on the stroller, didn't have nap since morning. He must be very tired. Daddy bought him a bicycle which is too big for him :)

Happy Birthday Joshua, mommy and daddy love you always ... muack :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st Puzzle

Bought two sets of puzzle for Joshua, he enjoys playing with it and able to complete both boxes of puzzle after few trials. He is reluctant to show it to mommy that he is able to complete the puzzle, mommy got to tease him by saying Joshua does not know how to complete the puzzle only he will quickly show it to mommy.

Once he is done with the puzzle, he will ask Mommy to clap hands and say clever boy.

Really cheeky boy :)