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Friday, January 23, 2009

Big CNY Angpow

Received a call from MamyPoko yesterday and I am one of the winner for the New Year Bonanza contest organised by MamyPoko. I won a 2D 1N at Avilion PD Water Chalet.

This will be my first family trip with my husband and precious Joshua boy.

What a big CNY angpow for me and my family. Thank you to my hubby and Joshua boy for their continuous support.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mosquito Repellent

Poor boy ... Joshua really has a very sensitive skin, a bite from mosquitoes there will be bruises and extremely large swelling at the bitten area.

I am heartache to look at the bruises and swelling, thinking how can I keep Joshua away from mosquitoes attack. What a lucky day for me, I found a battery operated device which act as a mosquitoes repellent @ RM16.90. This device release a wave sound that keep Joshua safe from mosquitoes about 1 - 3m far.

Mummies out there, you might want to try it.

3D Hands & Feet Sculpture

A unique way to preserve moments of my little gem.

After 6 weeks of waiting, finally I got my precious 3D hands and feets. Cute and adorable.

Solid Food

Joshua love to put everything into his mouth to chew ... guess his gum must be itchy. Decided to let him to chew on food rather than toys, teether etc to ease his itchiness.

My husband and I went to shop for his very first solid food - Heinz Farley's Rusks. Wanted to start him with this Farley's Rusks the next day but his cheek was so reddish and I am afraid that his body is heaty, therefore, only gave him his very first bite on Jan 08, 2009.

To my surprise he don't like the taste of it and kept pushing my hand away when I tried to feed him. He seems not enjoying it much, and guess he still prefer to bite on his teether and toys. Joshua with his first bite of Farley's Rusks ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Christmas

We had Christmas dinner and gifts exchange at my aunt's place on Christmas eve. Joshua din't get to join in the Christmas exchange session coz he used to sleep at 7.30pm.

It is Christmas day, Joshua was so excited to see a Christmas tree for the very first time with many presents below the tree. Grandpa and grandma bought him a My Dear walker and a 2 in 1 telephone/ piano toy, and not forgetting his aunties, uncle and two elder cousin sisters; Faustine & Gwyneth. Joshua in his walker .. .

Daddy and mummy bought me a Fisher Price stacking toy, float, clothes and many more. Thank you to all my loved ones.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Music Class

11th Jan 2009 ... Joshua first music lesson. I was worried that he might not enjoy it .. gosh .. what a relief .. he enjoyed himself and was looking around the new environment with many babies around him. He was the youngest and the only baby boy in the Babies class.

The session started with a warm up session where he was given a ball to roll, kick, push, bounce and throw around with "THIS IS THE WAY" .. song accompanied by me. He was quiet at the beginging but after a warm up session he started to gugugaga when see something new to him and responsed actively to all activities.

After lesson, took him to The Curve for the very first time. Guess he was too tired and he slept in his stroller, poor daddy have to keep an eye on him while mummy do her shopping at Daiso.

Wow ... time flies, Joshua second music class. My precious son woke up as early as 7am ..I should say his routine .. feed and bathed him. Tried to put him to bed to have a short nap before sending him to his class, but he refused to sleep though he is sleepy. At class, he was blur coz he was tired and sleepy, luckily he enjoyed the lesson and participated in all activities especially story telling time. He was so anxious to reach the story book from the teacher and gugugaga throughout the story telling session.

Shopping time for mummy, poor Joshua boy, has to accompany mummy to do Chinese New Year shopping. He was really tired and fall to sleep in his stroller. Daddy said have lunch in Sushi King while Joshua fall asleep. Joshua woke up an hour later because there was a baby girl sitting behind us crying loudly.

After lunch at Sushi King, Ikano Power Centre, we went to IKEA to buy a bib for him @ RM19.90 (2 pcs) and a set of lunch box and cutlery BABISIL) @ RM39.90. To prepare him for solid food during Chinese New Year.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Joshua 7 months

Joshua Boy is now 7 months ...his new skill found .. crawl forward 11/01/2009. My husband was looking after him and told me that Joshua started to crawl forward.. I can't believe it till I see him crawling forward. All these while I have been wondering when my boy will crawl forward .. he has been carried too often? Well, not too worry, he will learn when time comes, says my husband. He has been a very supporting and loving daddy and husband.

Today was Joshua first day to Musikhaus .. he enjoyed the 45 minutes lesson. There was 5 of them in the class. The theme was "Fun In The Park" where it teaches about ball, butterfly, slide and swing. At first, Joshua was quiet and looking around and after a warm up session, he started to gu gu ga ga, me and my husband was happy to find him enjoying himself. I've packed the camera with me but Daddy forgot to take Joshua photos on his very first time attending music class. Daddy will make sure to to snap his photos in his next class.