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Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Joshua 7 months

Joshua Boy is now 7 months ...his new skill found .. crawl forward 11/01/2009. My husband was looking after him and told me that Joshua started to crawl forward.. I can't believe it till I see him crawling forward. All these while I have been wondering when my boy will crawl forward .. he has been carried too often? Well, not too worry, he will learn when time comes, says my husband. He has been a very supporting and loving daddy and husband.

Today was Joshua first day to Musikhaus .. he enjoyed the 45 minutes lesson. There was 5 of them in the class. The theme was "Fun In The Park" where it teaches about ball, butterfly, slide and swing. At first, Joshua was quiet and looking around and after a warm up session, he started to gu gu ga ga, me and my husband was happy to find him enjoying himself. I've packed the camera with me but Daddy forgot to take Joshua photos on his very first time attending music class. Daddy will make sure to to snap his photos in his next class.

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  1. Haha......lovely photos...greatest mum and wife ever.....:)