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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin Gathering

This is the very first cousin gathering we had on the 12th day of CNY. My cousin sis .. Stephy was the organizer, our initial plan; dinner at Shabu Shabu, SS2 at 7.00pm. My brother was the first to arrive and told me that there isn't any restaurant named Shabu Shabu, oh oh ... Ah Phoon ... My bro, hubby and me waited at a mamak stall for the rest to arrive, had chicken burger special as our starter while waiting for them.

My brother suggested to have our dinner at Tai Thong Restaurant, SS2, and as usual, got to wait for the late comers to arrive ... and the organizer was the last to arrive. We really enjoyed this dinner and more to come. Had luxury dinner and later was our dessert session at KTZ. Hmm... guess our next gathering would be either movie session or buffet .. and this time we will make it a point the late comer will have to take care the bill ... tq in advance. Hi hi :)

Baby Splash Time @ Valentines' Day

A swim trunk for daddy and a trainer seat float for Joshua. Last year Valentines' me and hubby had our lunch at Italiannies Restaurant at One Utama; wearing my 2007 Valentines' gift from hubby; Modern Mom maternity dress :) Time flies, this year Valentines' we are celebrating with our precious boy. Joshua starts teething on Valentines' Day :)

Had lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes, and late evening swimming at club house. Joshua enjoyed so much in his baby pool seated in his new float. Planned to have dinner together but Joshua was too tired and fell asleep when he was having his milk. Me and hubby went out to have our dinner at Ka Ka Bak Kut Teh (hubby's favorite).

Asian Parenting Today

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Precious 8 months (36 weeks)

Joshua is 8 months old today, his new found skill is MA MA .. PA PA. He will call MA MA when he is in his playpen where he wants to be carried and when he is hungry. PA PA when he wants to play with daddy.

He is really mischievous, call PAPA and when daddy carry him he will turn to mummy. Cheeky little guy. Another 4 months to his first birthday. Me and my hubby are planning for his big day and got to start with our plan.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

MA MA ...

Joshua was crying at about 7.05am (070209), quickly I asked my hubby to make him milk, his last feed was at 3.15am. I don't attend to him when he is crying for his milk coz once he hear my voice calling him "Joshua" he will start to cry louder. My husband said he is pampered by me. Well, this is Mother Nature.

But, he is crying louder and I walked towards his cot and found that his head was trapped in between his playpen net and the mattress. I was shocked but in my heart was laughing coz my son really a very sound sleeper. He used to make a 360 degree turn in his playpen throughout the whole night. I carried him out from his playpen and put him back to sleep properly, but he cried, and I carried him up and he gave me surprise, he called "MA MA" clearly. I was so so happy to hear my precious boy called me "MAMA" though some might say he just simply babbles but to me... means a lot ...MUMMY LOVE YOU JOSHUA BOY.

When my hubby came in with the milk, I told him about it but he was jealous and said .. happy ler you ... hi hi... guess he must be mad with me coz all these while my hubby has been teaching Joshua to say Pa Pa , Da Da, Di Di hihi ... I love you lou kong.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Drypers Contest

Finally, mummy waited for the best offer for Drypers selling at RM32.88 at Giant, Kota Damansara. I have a dozen of MP and half a dozen of Drypers with me ... mummy said can last til I am 2 years old.

Mummy really enjoyed shopping especially getting good deal for my stuffs, thank you to my daddy coz he is the payer... hihi. Another contest for mummy, and hope this round mummy will be one of the winner like she won for the New Year Bonanza organized by MP. Simple and easy contest, just need to answer 2 simple questions and post the contest form ... that's all.

Rice Cereal for Joshua

At last my parents found an Indian shop that provide grinding services and have a kilo of rice grind as Joshua rice cereal instead of giving him nestle cereal; caused heatiness.

Started to feed Joshua with this solid food on the 8th day of CNY, he didn't really enjoyed it, he might not used to the taste and texture. He kept pushing his head away from the spoon when my mum was trying to feed him. After 3 days of trying it, he started enjoying it. What a relief to me coz I thought he might not like it coz my mum said I started too late on this. Yummy .. Joshua enjoying his rice cereal.

Papaw Ointment

Papaw or Papaya we all know as a delicious fruit but the beneficial qualities of Papaw greatly aid the skin. Lucas Papaw Ointment cleans away infectious wastes and helps to clean wounds.

This is really a great product, I bought this from TBL and used it on my son, say no more to bruises. It fits nicely in any handbags and very useful for bites and cuts even as lipbalm and to moisturise dry/eczema skin.

CNY 2009

Eve of CNY, reunion dinner with daddy's family dinner but Joshua has to be seated in his Exersaucer ... well next year CNY I will be joining in for the reunion dinner. After dinner, went to mummy's relatives house at USJ. Joshua slept quite late today, his usual bedtime is 7.30pm.

It is first day of CNY ... we are in the year of OX. Joshua woke up at 8.30am, bathed him and put him into his new yellow samfu. Bought him 2 sets of samfu, both yellow coz daddy said this year is the year of OX, and OX loved to go after red ... hihi. Wow ... Moo Moo angpow from daddy and mummy ... Joshua first angpow.

We started our day with breakfast and took family photos, then to daddy's grandma house at Bangsar and our last stop was at daddy's uncle house. Little Joshua was sleepy and we went back to home sweet home for him to have a rest.

Joshua enjoyed so much and he is a cheeky and playful boy, he does not choose any particular person to carry him, after a warm up session he will let anyone to carry him.

2nd day of CNY, went to grandparents' house at Serdang and on the 3rd day went back to mummy's hometown. On the 5th day of CNY, there was Lion dance performance in mummy's house. Joshua was not afraid of the Lion dance and the loud noise by the drums even the firecrackers. I was carrying Joshua and covered his ears, to my surprised he fell asleep on my shoulder though in such noisy environment. Not a bad CNY for Joshua, for his 1st CNY, he is able to witness Lion dance at mummy's hometown.