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Friday, February 06, 2009

CNY 2009

Eve of CNY, reunion dinner with daddy's family dinner but Joshua has to be seated in his Exersaucer ... well next year CNY I will be joining in for the reunion dinner. After dinner, went to mummy's relatives house at USJ. Joshua slept quite late today, his usual bedtime is 7.30pm.

It is first day of CNY ... we are in the year of OX. Joshua woke up at 8.30am, bathed him and put him into his new yellow samfu. Bought him 2 sets of samfu, both yellow coz daddy said this year is the year of OX, and OX loved to go after red ... hihi. Wow ... Moo Moo angpow from daddy and mummy ... Joshua first angpow.

We started our day with breakfast and took family photos, then to daddy's grandma house at Bangsar and our last stop was at daddy's uncle house. Little Joshua was sleepy and we went back to home sweet home for him to have a rest.

Joshua enjoyed so much and he is a cheeky and playful boy, he does not choose any particular person to carry him, after a warm up session he will let anyone to carry him.

2nd day of CNY, went to grandparents' house at Serdang and on the 3rd day went back to mummy's hometown. On the 5th day of CNY, there was Lion dance performance in mummy's house. Joshua was not afraid of the Lion dance and the loud noise by the drums even the firecrackers. I was carrying Joshua and covered his ears, to my surprised he fell asleep on my shoulder though in such noisy environment. Not a bad CNY for Joshua, for his 1st CNY, he is able to witness Lion dance at mummy's hometown.

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