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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin Gathering

This is the very first cousin gathering we had on the 12th day of CNY. My cousin sis .. Stephy was the organizer, our initial plan; dinner at Shabu Shabu, SS2 at 7.00pm. My brother was the first to arrive and told me that there isn't any restaurant named Shabu Shabu, oh oh ... Ah Phoon ... My bro, hubby and me waited at a mamak stall for the rest to arrive, had chicken burger special as our starter while waiting for them.

My brother suggested to have our dinner at Tai Thong Restaurant, SS2, and as usual, got to wait for the late comers to arrive ... and the organizer was the last to arrive. We really enjoyed this dinner and more to come. Had luxury dinner and later was our dessert session at KTZ. Hmm... guess our next gathering would be either movie session or buffet .. and this time we will make it a point the late comer will have to take care the bill ... tq in advance. Hi hi :)

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