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Saturday, February 07, 2009

MA MA ...

Joshua was crying at about 7.05am (070209), quickly I asked my hubby to make him milk, his last feed was at 3.15am. I don't attend to him when he is crying for his milk coz once he hear my voice calling him "Joshua" he will start to cry louder. My husband said he is pampered by me. Well, this is Mother Nature.

But, he is crying louder and I walked towards his cot and found that his head was trapped in between his playpen net and the mattress. I was shocked but in my heart was laughing coz my son really a very sound sleeper. He used to make a 360 degree turn in his playpen throughout the whole night. I carried him out from his playpen and put him back to sleep properly, but he cried, and I carried him up and he gave me surprise, he called "MA MA" clearly. I was so so happy to hear my precious boy called me "MAMA" though some might say he just simply babbles but to me... means a lot ...MUMMY LOVE YOU JOSHUA BOY.

When my hubby came in with the milk, I told him about it but he was jealous and said .. happy ler you ... hi hi... guess he must be mad with me coz all these while my hubby has been teaching Joshua to say Pa Pa , Da Da, Di Di hihi ... I love you lou kong.

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