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Friday, March 20, 2009


Joshua had his pneumococcal jab on last Wednesday, he was having flu and I told my husband that is it not recommended to let Joshua to have jab when he is feeling ill. Well, Joshua had high fever on the night itself, this is the very first time that Joshua had fever after the jab.

His whole body was so hot especially his hands and legs, he was not his usual self, he was cranky and didn't have a good sleep. His fever was on and off and his running nose got worst, boiled him CHAT SENG CHAR to ease his fever. His fever was gone on the third day but 5 days later his fever came back ... 38.2 .. I drove back from office to send him to the paed. He is on medication again, poor boy.


  1. aiyoh sounds so similar to what jayden went through after his pheumococcal jab too!!!!

    i have second thoughts abt him going for his 2nd round...

  2. ya .. at first before I sent Joshua for this jab, I asked the paed on any side effects, and she told me not at all ... me too don't know whether to send him for the 2nd round sigh

  3. same here dear... my paed also told me the most have slight fever... but jayden had high fever of 39 degrees... paed said not normal hai!!!