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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 9 months Joshua

Time flies and my precious boy is now 9 months old; 9 months ago he was a small tiny baby boy ... smile when he sees mummy and daddy, cry when he is hungry and sleep when he is tired. And now he is a hyperactive baby and his new skill found; love to stand alone without any support.

He do not like to be carried and prefer to be left alone on the floor; he will give you a big smile when you put him alone on the floor to play. Crawling here and there and make a quick stand up, his hands will kept beating on anything he can reach off. After a hard day of work, he will just melt your heart with his sweet smile.

Besides love to stand up without any support, he loves to pull anyone's hair and scratch our faces .. really painful .. ouch. Yesterday Joshua scratched mummy's face and pulled mummy's hair, and I raised my voice a bit and said NO NO NO Joshua, guess what happened? He cried and all his tears running down his face but still refused to let go of my hairs ... sigh. Have to distract him with something to stop him from crying. When mummy is not around with him during the day, he used to pull and scratch the nanny's hair, and nanny just laughed at him .. that gave him a signal that we love him to pull and scratch our hair.

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  1. happy 9 mths old joshua, u are so adorable!

    jayden also loves to pull my hair... i will say NO! and he understands it now... but still tries his luck!