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Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 10 months Joshua

Joshua is 45 weeks now and he has changed so much from a little tiny quiet baby to a hyperactive baby. He can crawl well and love to go after everything than he could reach and if you take it away from him he will yelled at you and stare at you .. hihi he is really cutie cute. You don't have to worry whether he is hungry anymore coz he will tell you when he wants his milk ... NEN NEN... NEN NEN .. means he wants his milk ... and he will cry out loud when he wants it.

Started teething when he was 36 weeks and now his upper central incisor start to teeth and this time he is very uncomfortable and he can't sleep well. He will wake up every 4 hours for milk without fail where last time he will sleep till the morning for his next feed. So, do mummy cant't get a good sleep :). Bedtime routine; mommy will put Joshua to bed at 7.30pm and we will play on the bed till Joshua fell asleep. Joshua loves to give mommy a bite every night before going to bed, and it is really painful ...

New skill found .. throwing temper :) whenever he don't like something he will use his both hands to hit on whatever he can reach to show that don't mess up with me hihi. Mommy taught him to Gong Xi Gong Xi only once and when mommy said Joshua Gong Xi Gong Xi mommy .. he will give a sweet smile then Gong Xi Gong Xi and put his two hands into his mouth ... he is the joker in the family now and mommy have to step down. Not to miss, I have no idea who thought him to make TAK TAK sound and surprised me when he made such sound. He loves to make TAK TAK sound and play with his saliva.

Started Joshua with fish porridge when he was 10 months, he don't like to have fish porridge and will throw out whenever I feed him with that guess he had too much of fish when he was in mommy's tummy :0). He loves potatoes, carrot, sweet corn, spinach, big onion and pumpkin porridge very much especially potatoes. As for fruits, he tried apple, banana, and jambu air batu.

Til now, he doesn't show any separation anxiety when mommy leave him .. mommy felt quite sad but on the other hand, this would be a good thing for me coz I can leave him with someone without any worries. But there is time when he only wants mommy to carry him, he will burst out when you try to carry him away from mommy ... yeah!

Mommy and daddy are proud of you little precious Joshua boy. Happy 10 months old!

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