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Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Mothers' Day Celebration

Yeah! This is the first time I celebrated Mother's Day. Last year Joshua was still in mummy's womb, time flies thinking back what I did for last year Mother's Day. Just a normal celebration, took my mom for breakfast at Old Town White Coffee and shopped till noon at Jusco. Dinner with my mum's family, there are 8 mummies celebrating!

Got a box of chocolate and a stalk of flower from Joshua (hubby bought it), so thoughtful. Happy to celebrate Mother's Day with Joshua, my mom and the rest of the mummies in my family.

More to come!

Happy 11 Months

Joshua turned to 11 months today. He is little cheeky fellow, he will give you a big smile whenever he sees you or even you scold him. Throwing temper is his new talent, took him to One Utama Moms Care last Friday and I was shocked when he screamed the moment I carried him away from the toys department. Wow, I never thought that he would throw temper at this age.

Development; learning to walk and crawling fast and wants to climb up all the time. Have to put 100% attention on him .. tiring. Not afraid of strangers, he will want others to carry him after a warm up session even sometimes don't want mummy to carry him ... naughty boy! He cried once very loud when his grandpa shouted at him said pain when he pinched his grandpa. He kept crying and I have to sooth him down by walking him around the porch and distracting him attention to make him stop crying - 1st time. Starting to understand what mommy talk to him, and will use his hands to show WHERE WHERE WHERE, love to paly hide and seek game - he will hide his toys under a pillow and ask start to search for it. There is a symptom of separation anxiety when mommy leave for work, stop crying when babysitter distract him with something.

Food preferences; he loves potatoes (the most), carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, french beans etc (I should say, he is a vegetarian, hihi) coz he don't like to have fish or chicken porridge. He will throw out the porridge with fish or chicken taste, got to find a way to make him to accept fish and chicken porridge.
Counting down for his FIRST BIRTHDAY :)

Mother's Day

The history of Mother's Day is centuries old and goes back to the times of ancient Greeks, who held festivities to honor Rhea, the mother of the gods. The early Christians celebrated the Mother's festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor Mary, the mother of Christ. Interestingly, later on a religious order stretched the holiday to include all mothers, and named it as the Mothering Sunday. The English colonists settled in America discontinued the tradition of Mothering Sunday because of lack of time. In 1872 Julia Ward Howe organized a day for mothers dedicated to peace. It is a landmark in the history of Mother's Day.

In 1907, Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948), a Philadelphia schoolteacher, began a movement to set up a national Mother's Day in honor of her mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis. She solicited the help of hundreds of legislators and prominent businessmen to create a special day to honor mothers. The first Mother's Day observance was a church service honoring Anna's mother. Anna handed out her mother's favorite flowers, the white incarnations, on the occasion as they represent sweetness, purity, and patience. Anna's hard work finally paid off in the year 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a national holiday in honor of mothers.

Slowly and gradually the Mother's day became very popular and gift giving activity increased. All this commercialization of the Mother's day infuriated Anna as she believed that the day's sentiment was being sacrificed at the expense of greed and profit.
Regardless of Jarvis's worries, Mother's Day has flourished in the United States. Actually, the second Sunday of May has become the most popular day of the year. Although Anna may not be with us but the Mother's day lives on and has spread to various countries of the world. Many countries throughout the world celebrate Mother's Day at various times during the year, but some such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May.

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies out there!

Friday, May 08, 2009

My 1st Blueberry Cheese Cake

Success! First time baking cheese cake for my hubby's birthday. Tried a small slice of it since hubby said thumbs up.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Joshua's Toys Collection

Wow ... it was really fruitful from the warehouse I went. Got many nice toys for my boy, branded lol ... but it was packed and queued for 2 hours plus just to pay for the bill. Anyhow, happy to see my son playing with the toys. Tigger the tumbling tiger really gave fun for my boy, at first Joshua will cry when Tigger tumble around with music along but I kept explaining to him that it is just a toy and he calm down. The singing Barney too frigthen him coz of the singing noise ... hihi ... Barbie is for my nieces. Spent about RM300 for all these collection. Waiting for the coming warehouse sales. Hooray!

Dinner for Hubby

At last, my hubby got a taste of my cooking after 3 years ... hihi .. I did it! I can't imagine that I managed to cook for my husband for 3 days .. :) On the first day, Ma Yau fish + onion with eggs + tung fan with carrot and japanese cucumber. 2nd day, steam salt chicken + oat prawns + poli vegetable and ABC soup. Didn't managed to take the 3rd day dishes .. sigh ... had steam pork, herbs soup and poli vege again .. :0) It was so interesting to cook for my love ones though tired after working.

Food for Joshua

Joshua has been taking solid food for about 2 months and I am really out of idea what to cook for him, been cracking my head and buying Kiddy cooking book to get new ideas. I can't imagine that I can cook now and wake up early in the morning to prepare Joshua's porridge before leaving for work. Though it is tiring but am feel proud of it. Even my family members said motherhood really changed me so much .. hihi

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Learning to Walk @ 46 weeks

My little precious is learning to walk now ... so soon .... gosh really can't believe it but he is ... it is so happy to see my Joshua boy growing each day and 5 more weeks will be his 1st Birthday. Mommy will make the best memorable 1st Birthday for my darling boy.