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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 11 Months

Joshua turned to 11 months today. He is little cheeky fellow, he will give you a big smile whenever he sees you or even you scold him. Throwing temper is his new talent, took him to One Utama Moms Care last Friday and I was shocked when he screamed the moment I carried him away from the toys department. Wow, I never thought that he would throw temper at this age.

Development; learning to walk and crawling fast and wants to climb up all the time. Have to put 100% attention on him .. tiring. Not afraid of strangers, he will want others to carry him after a warm up session even sometimes don't want mummy to carry him ... naughty boy! He cried once very loud when his grandpa shouted at him said pain when he pinched his grandpa. He kept crying and I have to sooth him down by walking him around the porch and distracting him attention to make him stop crying - 1st time. Starting to understand what mommy talk to him, and will use his hands to show WHERE WHERE WHERE, love to paly hide and seek game - he will hide his toys under a pillow and ask start to search for it. There is a symptom of separation anxiety when mommy leave for work, stop crying when babysitter distract him with something.

Food preferences; he loves potatoes (the most), carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, french beans etc (I should say, he is a vegetarian, hihi) coz he don't like to have fish or chicken porridge. He will throw out the porridge with fish or chicken taste, got to find a way to make him to accept fish and chicken porridge.
Counting down for his FIRST BIRTHDAY :)

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