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Monday, June 22, 2009

1st time on plane to Singapore

Joshua had his 1st Birthday celebration on June 6th, 2009. Daddy will be on business trip to Singapore on June 10th and decided to take Mommy and Joshua along coz daddy wanna to be with Joshua on his birthday 11th June. Therefore, Joshua and Mommy followed daddy to Singapore. At first, Mommy was very anxious coz mommy will be taking care of Joshua alone in Singapore and we had a great trip in Singapore though it was really tiring for Mommy.

Joshua enjoyed his trip on plane, he was so curious on the new surrounding in the airport and on the plane. Climbing up and down and can't sit still on the plane, but he slept the way back to KL. Gosh! at last mommy got a chance to rest and relax.

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