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Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow .. my precious boy is 14 months now, started to walk at the age of 12 months, he loved to walk around the house and will reach everything in the house and mess up the house. Proud to see my boy learning to walk, but this is tiring stage where mommy has to follow him everywhere around the house. Daddy can't even stand Joshua .. coz really tiring ....

He still get at least 14 hours sleep a day and his bedtime will be latest 8pm. There isn't any improvement during meal time, refuses to eat and will throw out the porridge the minute mommy feed him ... got to find all means to make him eat his porridge.

Shouting here and there whenever he wants a thing, love to play with his saliva and make all sorts of cheeky funny faces just to make you happy. When mommy is angry, he knows, will give mommy a big hug and kiss mommy ... cunning boy huh!

Started Joshua with his 1st brushing lesson a week ago, he was happy playing with his toothbrush and enjoyed it very much; twice daily during bathtime.