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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 17 months

Joshua turn 17 months old today ... time flies. Watching my precious boy growing healthier each day. When see mommy's car back from work, he will stand in the hall and call MA MA MA MA. So sweet of him. The minute sees mommy, he wants to be carried and refused to play on his own. Give mommy a big hug and a kiss on the cheek when momm is back home from work. Have to find ways to distract him so that mommy could have a quick bath . . . phew.

Joshua gets to go out for an evening walk at mommy's hometown, he will grab on to his shoes when mommy say KAI KAI :) trying to put on the shoes himself and will make a big fuss when he can't ... my little cheeky boy.

Learning more and more characters, like to spilt, laughing loudly when see people around him laughing, pushing his cousins down the floor, fighting for toys when others are playing, dancing in front of the TV when music is played, like to play riding horse, wants to be "piggy bag" etc.

Daddy is away for almost 2 months in Singapore for business trip, Joshua and mommy are back at mommy's hometown when daddy is away for business trip. Enjoying his day with grandparents, aunties, uncles and his 2 little cousin sisters at hometown. Faustine and Gwyneth really love him so much and bullied by little Joshua :)

Learning to talk ... Mam Mam, No More, Joshua and of course MA MA :)

Love you always Joshua.

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