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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Joshua is feeling unwell

Was back home from work, noticed Joshua's voice changed and his lips was reddish. Suspected that he is not feeling well. Put him to bed as usual at 8.00pm and he woke up at 11.30pm ++ and cried and wanna to play at the hall. His lips was really red and quickly gave him a cup of water. He refused to drink and daddy has to carry him in front of the fridge to play with while mommy trying hard to feed him.

Took him to the paed the next morning, his lower lip was bleeding when mommy cleaned his face with a wet hankerchief. Naughty mommy not detail enough to notice that his lip crack and accidently wiped too hard at his lip and caused bleeding. He cried and it was really painful .. poor boy.

Dr. said there is fungus infection at his upper lip and there is slight redness at his throat. This might due to hygiene causes eg. the nipple not properly sterilized, or Joshua put dirty stuffs in his mouth or due to milk clog.

He was given a throat liquid medicine and a gel to be applied on his lips and the fungus area. Poor little boy.
Mommies please ensure that your kids' hands are cleaned at all times and also the feeding bottles.

Get well soon Joshua. Love you darling .. muack muack :)

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