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Monday, October 11, 2010

Joshua New School

1st day of school at Tweedlewink Right Brain Kids.

Joshua was so excited to attend to his new school and quickly put on to his new uniform and to carry his school bag along with him (teddy bear, handkerchief and water tumbler).  He looked so smart and grown up boy :) Time really flies and my boy has grown up so much but yet he will always be Mommy Boy.

There were only 3 of them (Joshua, Chloe and Jerry) in a class with Ms. Ee Ling (class teacher).  Started with Hello Song and Mr. Froggie play (to test on child eyes coordination).  Subjects taught in the class; Maths, Science, Phonic, Perfect Pitch etc.  Joshua does enjoyed himself though cannot sit still in the class and he was able to participate in the class activities and enjoy playing with the gym ball bouncing around, Froggie time - hooping in learning maths.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers' Day Celebration

Family dinner with my family and my parents in law at the Cubes Jaya One. Disappointed with this restaurant in terms of foods and services and the bill was unbelievable. Ordered for fish, chicken, duck meat, vege and cost us RM600++ for 10 pax. Was charged extra RM138 in the bill and luckily I checked thru the bill.

Though the restaurant was cozy but the pricing is so unreasonable and there are limited dishes to choose, this and that out of order or not available when we wanna to try it out :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joshua turns 2 years old

Had a small Birthday celebration for Joshua with family and close relatives. Steamboat with fried longevity noodles, chicken wings, fried rice, jelly and many more. Dressed Joshua with Thomas and friends t-shirt, jeans and sandal; his favorite cartoon. Even his birthday cake is Thomas :)

Mommy make 2 red eggs and a drumstick for Joshua on his actual birthday. After breakfast we headed to BTS Cosmos World Theme Park, he enjoyed himself so much and fell asleep on the stroller, didn't have nap since morning. He must be very tired. Daddy bought him a bicycle which is too big for him :)

Happy Birthday Joshua, mommy and daddy love you always ... muack :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st Puzzle

Bought two sets of puzzle for Joshua, he enjoys playing with it and able to complete both boxes of puzzle after few trials. He is reluctant to show it to mommy that he is able to complete the puzzle, mommy got to tease him by saying Joshua does not know how to complete the puzzle only he will quickly show it to mommy.

Once he is done with the puzzle, he will ask Mommy to clap hands and say clever boy.

Really cheeky boy :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update on Joshua's Music Class

It has been more than one month Joshua attended his music class. He was shy and only cling to mommy during his lesson. After attending his 4th lesson, he grew independently, playing around with other kids (those he likes) and following teachers' action.

It is worth spending time to send him to the music class, where he learnt so much from it. He loves music and love to sing along with mommy, and with his body movement that he learned. Bla Ba Ba ... and sometimes he will tell mommy to sing him certain song he likes during his bedtime.

It is not too early to send our child for music classes even he is less than one year old :)

Mommy loves you always Joshua :)

Outing Just for Two of Us

Took Joshua to the city park since daddy will not be home early, he got his badminton tournament. We went for fish feeding, flying kite, playing at the playground and also chasing each other in the park. We brought a ball with us, I was so impressed with Joshua where he can really kick like a pro, chasing the ball and kick it back to Mommy :).

He is even cunning enough where he kicked the ball away from mommy's direction to make mommy run for the ball.

Had great time with my little boy and both of us were sweating :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A simple celebration with my mum and my little boy. Back at hometown for dinner, we had western dinner, it was so packed and waited for more than one hour to be served. The next day we had brunch at a Kopitiam at S2 and went to Jusco hunting a new spectacles for my mum. Unfortunately, my mum didn't manage to get any and we proceeded to Tesco recommended by dad.

Will be celebrating with my PIL coming week due to her request not to have dinner on Mother's day coz it will be crowded in KL.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

We went to the HOMEDEC in the morning, great deals here and there but can't decide which brand of oven, hod and stove to buy. Just able to grab 6 pieces of place mat and 24 pieces of cutlery for only RM60.00. Spent about 5 hours and it was really tiring.

Then we proceed to the Aquaria @ KLCC, just for Joshua. He enjoyed looking at all kinds of fishes and he knocked on one of the aquarium glass (Electric Eel) which attracted him most and shouting Wake Up :)

Just bought a fish shape sharpener for him, he choses it and pink in color :) and we headed back home for dinner. Joshua fell asleep while eating a bun on the way back. He must be very tired, woke up at 8.00am and didn't get any nap.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Joshua

Joshua improved so much in his music lesson, he is able to follow the teacher's instructions and joined the children dancing, playing and running around. He has a good memory power, though he can't sing along yet he knows the action of the whole song and even was mumbling when we are singing in the class.

Teacher Siew Ling was happy with Joshua performance and made her to go around to ask each children to sing with her. Not to praise my boy, of all kids he is the most well behaved in a way sitting still and paying full attention to the teacher unlike other kids running up and down.

Mommy loves you very very much ... muacks :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Darling Joshua 22 months

Joshua turns 22 months yesterday and he will be turning to 2 years old in 2 months from now. Counting the days and watching my darling boy growing to be who he is. He has his daddy's eyes and mommy's nose and cheek. He laugh just the way mommy laugh and is much more cheekier than his mommy.

He loves to play with balls, the minute he sees a ball or balloon he will scream for it. Mommy bought him a set of cooking toys coz he loves to play with it beside balls. The minute he is awake from his sleep, cooking toys will be the first in his playlist.

Mommy didn't blog for months plus, lazy or don't know what to write :) and mommy will continue to blog ... promise .. practice makes perfect.

CNY updates
Joshua celebrated his 2nd CNY and he was 20 months old by then. He will just put his hands out when he sees people giving him red packets (angpow). Cute little boy, don't think to grab his angpow from him coz he will never let go of his angpow, only mommy can get it ..... the power of mommy :)

Bought him a CNY Children CD and he just loved it and wants to listen to it whenever he sees the CD player. Too attracted to the 4 girls (che che) singing and dancing in the CD. This CD is part of his sleeping routine.

Able to operate his battery operated doggie motorbike but the house restrained him from moving here and there. Mommy taught him to peddle on his Vtech car and he can easily learnt up the skill ... he will go faster when mommy says ... chase mommy Joshua and he will scream out loud with his cute smile and chase for mommy around the house.

Joshua surprised mommy with his new found skill, he stamped on his legs and laid on the floor and cry when he don't get the things that he wants. I am curious from where he learned it? He will cry till you give in to him, but it don't works on mommy. Mommy will talk to him nicely and told him don't have to cry, he will put his little finger on his lips and say shhhhhhhhhhh ... and stop crying ... that's is mommy boy, love you Joshua.

Music Class
Joshua's 1st music lesson was with Musikhaus when he was 6 months old. Mommy signed him up for his 2nd mucis lesson with Music Garten at SD club house. He really enjoyed his music class and he remembers everything that teacher taught him during the class. Once he is back at home, he will keep pounding his both hands and mommy will sing to him, he will smile and do exactly the teacher taught him.

For his 1st lesson, he refused to follow as teacher instructed and just stick to mommy, he improved during his 2nd lesson, follows teacher instruction but still shy to play around with other kids. Surprised mommy during his 3rd lesson, he understand what is teacher asking the kids, he kept pounding, driving, rolling etc his hands to get teacher's attention when teacher sing HELLO song which is the first song for every lessons. Teacher naughty for not paying attention to Joshua and mommy kept talking to him to make him feel better.

I am so happy to see my boy growing healthy each day and to be who he is. He brings me so much joy and happiness in my life.

Love you always Joshua.

MIX fm Pay Your Bills

It is my lucky day .. submitted few of my shopping bills ... who knows I am lucky enough to be one .... Yes, MIX fm is calling for Enid Khoo name ... it's me ..... my shopping bill for the J card sales at one utama all has been cleared .... TQ Mix fm :)

You make my day :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

20 months old

Joshua turns 20 months tomorrow. Little updates on his development.
1. Sleeps average 15 hours a day
2. Understand what Mommy Daddy says. Eg. You have to put on to your shoes if you wanna to go kai kai .. he will run to his shoes and asked Mommy to put it on for him.
3. Learning to talk ... papa, popo, one more, don't want etc
4. Has 15 teeths.
5. Love to swim, love water.
6. Love to help Mommy to clean the bed.
7. When Mommy back from work, will take Mommy's handbag and put it in Mommy's room.
8. Love to throw temper when Mommy is around with him .. difficult to feed him and put him to sleep. Bully mommy :(

Love you always Joshua :)