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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

20 months old

Joshua turns 20 months tomorrow. Little updates on his development.
1. Sleeps average 15 hours a day
2. Understand what Mommy Daddy says. Eg. You have to put on to your shoes if you wanna to go kai kai .. he will run to his shoes and asked Mommy to put it on for him.
3. Learning to talk ... papa, popo, one more, don't want etc
4. Has 15 teeths.
5. Love to swim, love water.
6. Love to help Mommy to clean the bed.
7. When Mommy back from work, will take Mommy's handbag and put it in Mommy's room.
8. Love to throw temper when Mommy is around with him .. difficult to feed him and put him to sleep. Bully mommy :(

Love you always Joshua :)

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