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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

We went to the HOMEDEC in the morning, great deals here and there but can't decide which brand of oven, hod and stove to buy. Just able to grab 6 pieces of place mat and 24 pieces of cutlery for only RM60.00. Spent about 5 hours and it was really tiring.

Then we proceed to the Aquaria @ KLCC, just for Joshua. He enjoyed looking at all kinds of fishes and he knocked on one of the aquarium glass (Electric Eel) which attracted him most and shouting Wake Up :)

Just bought a fish shape sharpener for him, he choses it and pink in color :) and we headed back home for dinner. Joshua fell asleep while eating a bun on the way back. He must be very tired, woke up at 8.00am and didn't get any nap.

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