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Monday, October 11, 2010

Joshua New School

1st day of school at Tweedlewink Right Brain Kids.

Joshua was so excited to attend to his new school and quickly put on to his new uniform and to carry his school bag along with him (teddy bear, handkerchief and water tumbler).  He looked so smart and grown up boy :) Time really flies and my boy has grown up so much but yet he will always be Mommy Boy.

There were only 3 of them (Joshua, Chloe and Jerry) in a class with Ms. Ee Ling (class teacher).  Started with Hello Song and Mr. Froggie play (to test on child eyes coordination).  Subjects taught in the class; Maths, Science, Phonic, Perfect Pitch etc.  Joshua does enjoyed himself though cannot sit still in the class and he was able to participate in the class activities and enjoy playing with the gym ball bouncing around, Froggie time - hooping in learning maths.