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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Updates

Been months that I have not update my blog, been busy with new work and Joshua and moving to our home sweet home.

We have moved to our home sweet home, though it is small but cozy, sweet for three of us.  Joshua has a room on his own and mommy has a kitchen to work out :) my dream white kitchen.  And a big burnt in daddy's pocket :) but all worth it says daddy to see mommy and Joshua happy with our new home.

It has been a month since we moved in and most of the things has been packed except a last container full of mommy's books :) when am I going to settle that box?

Joshua has improved on his vocabulary and showed vast improvement in his lessons at school, he will be moving into his 3rd term with Tweedle Wink.  He enjoyed schooling and he never fails to attend classes.  Mommy will be enrolling him with Yamaha Music school when he turns 3.  He is gifted with music talents and he loves to play with instruments especially guitar and drum.  Imaginative enough; acting playing a piano on mommy's pillow so sweet of him :)

Daddy is away in SG during weekday and be back every weekend, left mommy and Joshua at home.  Mommy will be venturing something new, stay tune :)

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